Alumni Association - President's Message

Dear Proud UMass Grad,

Your Alumni Board is on the move!

We have convened a new group dedicated to supporting you, current students, and our School. A more effective organization is in place, with enthusiastic members planning activities to increase connections  among all who care about UMMS.

We will continue our traditional Graduation Breakfast, Scholarship Dinner, and Annual Reunions. New networking events will let students hear from alumni about practical aspects of various clinical careers. We will have Alumni Days at Red Sox games and other social events. On campus and beyond, School leaders will discuss with alumni major developments and wonderful achievements of our alma mater. We will create awards to recognize exceptional achievement by alumni clinicians, researchers, teachers and leaders.

Graduating seniors will be connected with alumni at their new residencies. The School will hear from alumni about issues relevant to clinical practice that we believe require special attention in the curriculum. Alumni will work tirelessly to insure that current and future students get the highest quality medical education, the kind that gave you and me the careers in which we have flourished.

We encourage input from you and all alumni. Listed here are the names, classes, and specialties of the new Board. Please contact us anytime with your ideas about making the Alumni Association work better for you, for students, and for our School. We especially want to hear from grads in classes not on this list, and ultimately to create an Alumni Council representing every class. If you were elected Class Representative upon graduation, please get back to us for sure. All of our nearly 4000 alumni will have a voice.

Thank you for taking pride in UMMS, as the School surely takes pride in you.


Irvin Heifetz, ‘79
President, UMMS Alumni Association


Alumni Events
Sep 15, 2017

White Coat Ceremony

White Coat Ceremony

The Class of 2021 School of Medicine students will receive their White Coats on 9/15/17.

Oct 02, 2017

Alumni Golf Tournament & Scholarship Fundraiser

Alumni Golf Tournament & Scholarship Fundraiser

Oct 05, 2017

Patriots vs Buccaneers Game

Patriots vs Buccaneers Game

Join the UMass community in Tampa to cheer on the Patriots.